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Recommended Interview with Lisa Shannon: Running Hundreds of Miles to Save Thousands of Women in Congo

What can possibly make someone put their great job, future marriage, and secure life on hold to help women they’ve never met thousands of miles away? For Lisa Shannon, watching an inspirational Oprah show on how women were being killed, starved, raped and tortured in Congo inspired her to start sponsoring Congolese women victims of […]

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Women Interviews-Trips (Thrupthi)

Keeping in touch with over three hundred relatives is no small job and something Trips takes very seriously. However, after applying to over two hundred positions before finding the right one, I am pretty sure there isn’t much she can’t do when she puts her mind to it. Age? 28 Where have you lived? In India, I […]

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Interview with Rachel: Georgetown Law Student Talks About Maintaining Her Own Health While Fighting to Finish School

Georgetown law student Rachel has always had an interest in civil rights and constitutional law but the need to pay off her school loans and other considerations made her accept a highly paid summer position at a major corporate law firm.  In this interview, she talks about how hard it was for her to make […]

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Interview with Benita Miller: Attorney and Executive Director at The Brooklyn Young Mother’s Collective

No matter what country you live in, if you are a young mother being pushed out of school, call Benita Miller and you can trust that she will respond. Believing that an education is the only way for an individual to rise out of poverty and thrive, Benita left her career as an attorney and […]