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Interview with Sarwat: Doctor of Internal Medicine, Co-Founder and Vice-Chair of the Muslim Women’s Fund

After being diagnosed with lung cancer in 2007, Dr. Sarwat Malik was first told she had six months to a year to live. Fortunately, years later, she stands dedicated to the cause of raising awareness of the challenges Muslim women face. After deciding to retire from her internal medicine practice, Dr. Malik became the co-founder […]

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Women Interviews-Emily, Founder of HollabackNYC, online forum encouraging women to call out their harassers

When it comes to sexual harassment, Emily May’s motto has always been “If you can’t slap ‘em, snap ‘em!” The twenty-eight year-old co-founder of HollabackNYC explains why a cell phone is a women’s best weapon. Age? 28 Where have you lived? Richmond, VA and London, England.  And of course NYC. Where do you want to live? I have […]

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Women Interviews-Rita Henley Jensen: Founder and Editor in Chief of Women’s eNews, online media outlet for women’s issues

Rita Henley Jensen is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Women’s eNews, an independent online media outlet that covers women’s issues while providing women’s perspectives on public policy. A former senior writer for the National Law Journal and columnist for The New York Times Syndicate, Jensen shares her thoughts on issues ranging from the death […]

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Recommended Interview with Lisa Shannon: Running Hundreds of Miles to Save Thousands of Women in Congo

What can possibly make someone put their great job, future marriage, and secure life on hold to help women they’ve never met thousands of miles away? For Lisa Shannon, watching an inspirational Oprah show on how women were being killed, starved, raped and tortured in Congo inspired her to start sponsoring Congolese women victims of […]